my craft

… blue beauty

– lovely gentleman’s wardrobe. I love the scale of this piece! This was very difficult to photograph – not only is the natural light rubbish at this time of year in my house but this piece looks a different colour in every shot I’m taking. The pictures also don’t show the blending and colours within […]


… lovely little oak drawers were just asking to be orange – so I obliged. … ‘Barcelona’ by Annie Sloan in all its glory – think this is one of my favourites as it’s autumn inspired (my favourite time of year). Undertones of Arles, Scandinavian Pink and burgundy but primarily Barcelona Orange with a hint […]

pretty little thing ‘Firle’

… was thrilled to be given a Charleston Decorative Paint Set in ‘Firle’ by Annie Sloan, together with detail brushes, to paint a piece of furniture – all in advance of the product launch on 4th October. Annie Sloan and her team know how much I love Charleston Farmhouse and how much of an influence […]

… drawers of sunshine

.. . the results of painting in the sunshine. Been wanting to do yellow for a while and these lovely drawers on casters came up and they shouted yellow to me. Mix of English Yellow, Arles and Scandinavian Pink – Annie Sloan chalk paint.

Ceri Richards ‘Under Milk Wood’ chairs

… sharing my ‘Under Milk Wood’ chairs. Under Milk Wood is a 1954 radio drama by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, commissioned by the BBC and later adapted for the stage. It’s one of my favorite works by Dylan Thomas and was beautifully illustrated by Ceri Richards, one of Wales finest artists, as lithographs for a […]

Piper drawers

… my ‘homage to John Piper’ drawer (with my Ceri Richards Chair) I’ve always been a fan of John Piper, not just for his paintings of historic architecture and landscapes, which he is probably best know for, but for his abstract works. For a short period he was involved with the avant-garde and associated with […]

…had to be red

… my ‘had to be red drinks cabinet’ with a mix of Annie Sloan emperor’s silk and burgundy with clear and dark wax. No more text needed – it speaks for itself. Cocktails anyone?

… a baking cupboard

… my pot / baking cupboard Was having a day baking (a cake for a friend) so thought this would make a great baking cupboard – staged with lots of my baking stuff. Loved mixing all these rich Annie Sloan colours – Napoleonic Blue, Amsterdam Green, Graphite, Emperor’s Silk and Burgundy . Annie Sloan chalk […]

Ombré … inside and out

I enjoyed my last ombré paint effect so much that i decided to attempt it on this lovely glass display cabinet – and completely underestimated how difficult it would be. Glass cabinets are quite fiddly to do anyway – lots of masking which takes ages – but ombré needs to be spontaneous and that was […]

… his and hers

… ombré bedside tables Shortly after painting my Lem Lem drawers I found these – they same design with two drawers – lovely bedside tables that were in need of a update. They were ombréd using Paloma and Pure with Scandinavian Pink accents. I couldn’t decide which way round to ombré – dark top to […]

Lem Lem drawers

… loving Lem Lem. Had been wanting to use Lem Lem for a while and after seeing Annie Sloan’s piece about it in the first edition of ‘The Colourist’ I set about finding something suitable to paint. This lovely 3 drawer seemed just perfect – although teak, and needed a base of sealant first (not […]

… have a thing about circles coat stand

… yes, i have a thing about circles. Found this very tired and boring old coat stand and decided to go to town. Lem Lem, Antoinette, Pure all came in to play, and couldn’t help adding some stripes to add to the madness. I’m not sure i even like it – but it was fun […]

Bureau ombré

… my first bureau – seems like all Annie Sloan enthusiasts have painted a bureau at some time or other . … and my first ombré. Loved the style and shape of this little bureau – particularly the scroll on the feet. Painted this a while ago, but if I remember rightly it was using […]

Altstad wardrobes

My ‘Altstad’ painted wardrobes … had been dying to have a go at something like this for a while, just hadn’t had the right piece/pieces to paint. Two gorgeous his and hers wardrobes, work perfectly together or apart. Inspired by a painted doorway at Hotel Altstad (fabulous hotel) we recently stayed at in Vienna – […]

… a classy little number

… a mix of Paris Grey and one of my favourites Paloma (both Annie Sloan). Love this cabinet and wanted to keep it simple and classy. Very difficult to photograph as you don’t get the lovely subtleties of the mix of paint (done directly on the piece). Lots of dark wax also highlighting the brush […]

Amsterdam sideboard

… a very grown up piece for me. ‘Amsterdam Green’ from Annie Sloan with clear and dark wax.

Map chairs

… trying something different – my Cardiff map stacking chairs. Bought 4 stacking chairs from ‘Spencer and Spencer’, a wonderful decorative salvage company in Roath, Cardiff, with a plan to use Annie Sloan ‘image medium’ to embellish them with copies of 19040’s ordinance survey maps I have of Cardiff. Four Chairs with adjacent maps covering […]

… my mid century dressing table had to be ‘Arles’

… picked up this mid century dressing table in a sorry state – it just had to be Annie Sloan ‘Arles’. True to form, I wasn’t happy with plain, so went about adding my take on a mid century pattern in ‘pure’ – it involved a lot of masking tape! (as you can see from […]

Antoinette – one of my favorite Annie Sloan Chalk paint colours

… Antoinette – on my favorite chair, mid century coffee table and console table … realise that Annie Sloan Antoinette features quite heavily in the thing i have painted recently. Wouldn’t really have me down as a pink kind of person, but maybe it’s my love of ‘Charbonnel et Walker’ pink champagne truffles – love […]

…my very first Annie Sloan project

… my very first Annie Sloan paint project – a chapel bench that we’ve had in the family for over 25 years. After a recent house move, it didn’t seem to be fitting in. A little attention with ‘old ochre’ chalk paint and some distressing and dark wax, and its found its place again.

… more Charlston drawers

More inspiration from Charleston House Annie Sloan Paint in various colour (Paris Grey, Scandinavian Pink, Greek Blue) all finished off with a wash of white to take the starkness away and then clear and dark wax. A lovely set of drawers.

Charleston inspired side table

… instagram is a fabulous thing – I won a tin of Annie Sloan paint in ‘old violet’!!  Thank you Annie Sloan. Found this lovely barley twist, gate leg, drop leaf side table – was in need of a bit of TLC and thought it would be perfect for old violet – called it my […]

coal scuttle

… nice little job for a snowy Sunday afternoon. My sons gifted me Annie Sloan sample pots in ‘Amsterdam Green’ and ‘Greek Blue’, and this lovely coat scuttle was just perfect for using them. The verdigris on the copper handle on the back being the inspiration. A little black wax and a slightly overzealous buff […]

Bloomsbury drawers

A very good friend gave me a chest of drawers – she would have thrown it in the skip if I hadn’t rescued it. The draws were sticky and it was showing its age in chips and marks to the wood, but it offered me the opportunity to just ‘go for it’ with the painting. […]