A place for my creative expression.

I’ve always felt the need for creativity – if it’s not painting a piece of furniture, or crocheting a blanket, it’s baking a cake, creating sweet treats or making chutney.

Seeing the beauty in the ordinary – I can’t go for a walk without noticing the beauty in the detail of a leaf, a flower, or an insect, whist also being aware of the expanse of the bigger picture, the sky and light generally. The feeling of being in the moment and taking photographs is my way of ‘holding the moment’.

Travel – not too far, short weekend breaks are my thing. Escaping the humdrum of modern working life, it’s essential for a re-boot.

Mother of three grown up lads, design conscious, comfort loving with simple living aspirations. With a background in design, I have worked managing and curating an art gallery for the past 17 years.

Myfy, short for Myfanwy, lends itself perfectly to categorise my eclectic mix of interests. As a Welsh speaker, my plan is to have a bilingual site, not in its entirety, but to post in Welsh when I feel moved to do so. ‘my’ in welsh is ‘fy’ – hope you get my thread …… ‘my-fy’ – my pics, my craft / fy lluniau, fy nghrefft, etc. etc.

Hope you find some inspiration in my posts.